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Steam in Nanjing Area June 2003


by Ulrik T.Jensen


It seems that Nanjing Bei (Station) is going to be preserved in it's current layout to show how traffic was arranged before the brigde across Yangzi was build. At least that was what employees from Nanjing Fenju told me. The station itself is build by the British (at leastwhat was told me) and the building, platforms and passage to the ferry terminal have not been changes since 1949.


The JS's stored will probably be deployed in connection with a future restoration of the facilities and some of them are in running condition. There are at least following loco's at the depot: 6520, 6283, 6410, 6533 (previously Zhenjiang), 6356, 8293, 8092, 6537 (not in running condition), 6444 and 6532. 6532 was on June 25 on a test run, probably to the nearby Linchang station where the branch to Nanjing Bei connects the main line. The crew told me that they occationally test the locos to keep them in running condition.


From Nanjing Bei there is also a branch line to Dachang, where there are shunting activities using SY's. Set aside and out of use are 0413, 0414, 0496, 0654 and 0673. In use are 0592, 0744, 1019, 1135 and 1649. 1556 was recently at Nanjing Xi (probably for some repair). There are also Puzhen works still using SY's for shunting (e.g. delivery of Metro carriages for the Shanghai Pearl-Line and high speed coaches to Beijing) 0703, 1021 and 1430 all in service with one or two deployed at the same time.


At Nanjing Xi is JS 6288 seen and have been there for at least two years at the same spot. In Zhenjiang there is still some active JS (at least two seen at the same time), probably used at the local branch line from Zhenjiang and eastwards.


If diesel has any interest there are still some ND1's around (Romanian build) together with plenty of imported ND5's of American origin and older than the above mentioned JS steamers.


Ulrik T. Jensen