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Yanzhou Coal Mining Company, Zoucheng
(Yankuang Group Co. Ltd.)


Location15 km south-west of Yanzhou
Zoucheng (Quail Atlas Zou Xian, Map 6, line 15, km 529)
Length30-40 km
QJ3461(stored), 3538(stored), 3595(oou), 6284(oou), 6782(oou), 6811(stored), 6812(oou), 6814(see Note), 6848(oou), 6866(oou), 6933(oou), 6936(see Note), 7123(oou), 7126(see Note), 7188(see Note), 7189(in use 1/11), 7190(in use 1/11), 7191(in use 9/10)
Note: QJ are supplied for use at Shandong Yankuang International Coke Co., Yanzhou Xi, which is part of the same group.
In March 2010 these were 6814 and 7126 in use, with 3 stored (6936(oou), 7188(oou) and 7191(stored after overhaul)).
By end of month, 7191 in use replacing 6814.
However the September 2010 report indicates from a local source that steam working at the coking plant finished "one or two months earlier" with QJ 7191 seen working at Zoucheng along with 7189.
DF4DD0030, 0031, 0038, 0039, 0057, 0058, 0081, 0082, 0083, 0085, 1020, 1021, 1022, 1023
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Yanzhou, Zoucheng, Jining by Colin Martindale

Zoucheng City by Colin Martindale

by Bernd Seiler

by Bernd Seiler

1 Jier
2 Changying
3 Baodian
4 Xinglong
5 Jisan
6 Mengsuo
7 Dadongzhang (or Dadongjiang or Dadongli)
8 Dongtan
9 Beisu
10 Nantun
11 Beijian
12 Dianchang
13 Tieyun
14 Yuejin

by Michael Rhodes

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