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Stroud Auctions, (10th July, 2021)

This is one of a series of pages which I have uploaded to illustrate facets of steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Such events normally occur all over the country in the summer months, they are easily found by using your favourite search engine and may have anything between a handful of steam engines and hundreds (as at the Great Dorset Steam Fair which could probably be fairly described as having an excess of riches). Click here for the overall index for 2021.

The prototype (@) Wallis & Steevens Advance Roller 7773 (1923), XO 4975, will be put up for auction on 10th July 2021 at the Moreton Valence site of Stroud Auctions,

It was available for viewing on 6th July 2021, but was hemmed in at one of the corners. I am very grateful to Rod Smith who tipped me off about it. It bears 'Barry Price Church Stretton' and is seen on the occasion of the Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair 2004, presumably in his ownership here: 

According to the Traction Engine register its last known location was 'Gloucester', as always this indicates the nearest large centre. I had not personally seen it exhibited in public before.

@ Subsequent postings on the Traction Talk forum suggest that the actual prototype was 7772 and this was the first production roller. What I wrote is "don't shoot the messenger stuff", the claim is made on the signboard at the auction and is also in the current and previous editions of the Traction Engine Register.

In the event bidding reached 31,000 below the estimated range of 32,000 to 40,000, and apparently the reserve, no doubt it will be sold privately.

Steam Roller



Behind and to the side are a number of tractors, also part of the same collection. On the walls are a number of enamel signs some of which were 'local' including Stroud Brewery.
These are duplex engines and have no flywheels so they can switch directions immediately.
The worksplate is partly obstructed.
The plate records that the boiler was overhauled in January 1995. According to the auctioneers it has a boiler hydraulic test certificate and will be given a full steam test before ownership is transferred.

If you like this sort of thing then try David Collidge's Steam Scenes

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson