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Wiston Steam Rally (13th - 14th July, 2019)

This is one of a series of pages I have uploaded to illustrate facets of the steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Click here for the 2019 introduction and overall index.

We had a very long day out at the Wiston Steam Rally in 2015 and it was time for a revisit. This time we threw in an overnight and I spent Sunday earning some Brownie Points at three National Trust properties as we meandered our way home. It was all very civilised, one of many highlights was being stopped by a traffic policeman. Not my problem, he wanted to talk with the driver behind who had just executed a dodgy overtaking manoeuvre on the next car after that. Sussex A roads are never a race track, but we saw quite a few drivers who have yet to learn that and no doubt this one driver had had his weekend spoiled

As for the rally, it was much as before with constant movement, there were 44 engines present compared to 34 in 2015. What there was also more of too was cloud, all around enjoying a glorious day but it only broke properly at the rally around 16.30, hence virtually all the pictures here were taken in the hour after that as things wound down for the day. One engine present, Aveling-Barfotd steam roller AC606, was recorded earlier in the day but despite scouring the show, I failed to locate it again. If anyone attending has a photograph, I would be happy to add it (with acknowledgement), there is an email address below.

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David Collidge's Steam Scenes website ( is a fount of information and was a great help in compiling these pages.

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