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Raj Steam - Northeast Frontier Railway Metre Gauge

The Northeast Frontier Railway was formerly a part of the North East Railway until 1958 and was similarly an all metre gauge system for a long time.

Unfortunately, it was a restricted area and it was extremely difficult to get the required aliens permit. Mere mortals would have to claim to be visiting one of the wildlife reserves while those with the right contacts might be able to get Coal India to extend an invitation to a 'mining engineer' should they wish to visit the narrow gauge railway at Tipong. In both cases there might just be opportunities to photograph NFR steam but the Railway Protection Force were well aware of the state wide restrictions.

In the 1990s Assam was made 'open' and a few enthusiasts did visit before the 'end of steam' but I have yet to access their photographic efforts. Instead this short section contains Keith Robinson's pictures from a January 1979 visit to rarely visited sections.

Silghat Branch

Haflong Hill

Haflong Hill Charter

Locomotive Gallery

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Rob Dickinson