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Northern Railway - Metre Gauge

The zone comprised the former Bikaner State and Jodhpur Railways which had previously had strong connections, together with that part of the Bombay, Baroda and Central Railway which served Delhi.  

The Northern Railway's metre gauge steam is poorly represented here. It had over 300 locomotives allocated in 1975 but few enthusiasts sought them out as the vast majority were YPs and YGs and on many lines the service was sparse and the countryside rather plain. As such, I have just one photograph of the railway's YLs and one photograph of YPs and YGs outside of Jodhpur and Delhi!

The PTs 4-6-4T at Hanumangarh are well covered but the main attraction was the fleet of American locomotives built for the two native state railways which could be 'bagged' by making a small diversion from the main route from Delhi to the Western Railway with its myriad metre gauge delights.



Rob Dickinson