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The Loose Ends

Almost every trip we do turns up engines of unknown or less common builders and necessarily there aren't many of them, which reduces the chances of finding them working and tends to give us an excuse to try again another year. Here is our selection from our India trip in December 2006:

Seen sitting in the grass, this is a Ruston Proctor cross compound - at least we saw another one working, it's hardly a rare builder, but I love the photo!


And here is a similar single engine finishing its day's work: 

One of the few disused engines we saw was a similar unmarked engine.

We saw working Belliss and Morcom engines at Palassey Sugar Mill, but this is likely to be the nearest to a working one in a rice mill - it will be switched in 'soon':

This comes with a name I do not recognise - "Martin & Co, Glasgow" - agents or makers?

This is an old, old engine waiting to be installed. Again 'D. Stewart & Co. Ltd., Glasgow', agent or maker? Despite the "+" it doesn't look like a Tangye to me at all.

This engine is completely different from any others recorded here. The valve chest cover reads 'J. Marshall & Co. Ltd, Engineers, Bombay'. I assume this company (an agent) was totally unrelated to the British manufacturers. Based on what we have seen in Burma, this looks like a product of T. Shore of Stoke on Trent, England, their engines there are also seen without their name but badged for Cowies.


Finally, by some way the most exotic engine we saw in a rice mill - in fact the only non-British one (except for a Worthington duplex pump). Quite how this product of Atlas Engine Works, Indianapolis, Ind got here must remain a mystery for ever. It looks very old to me:

Stationary Steam in India 2006 - introduction

A Reason to Return - a brand new steam powered rice mill in a green field site. 

Marshall Heaven - we always go the extra mile to bring you working stationary steam.

Just Another Marshall (Part 2) - too bad it wasn't working!

Just Another Marshall (Part 3) - drop valve action...

My Other Steam Engine is a Marshall too - if you're going to be different then don't do it by halves.

Make Mine a Robey, Please - as common as in Burma.

Many Happy Returns - unexpected returns to old gricing spots.

All I want for Christmas... - anything but another bloody Marshall.

Robert Clive's Sugar Mill - well, it's not quite that old.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson