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A Reason to Return

Inevitably, I bumped into Aditya Bajaj through the world wide web, my pages on working stationary steam are, alas, almost the only resource available there. We corresponded by email and he invited me to spend part of our trip to India with him to see what what he was up to. After a pleasant day in Calcutta, we caught an early morning train into the heart of West Bengal where sometimes it seems that the rice mills and temples with their hordes of pilgrims are the only industries present.  This was the view from our hotel balcony with a rice mill in the left background of a small town, whose heart is barely penetrated by the infernal combustion engine on wheels.

Just outside town, a brand new rice mill is being constructed to start operation in 2007 - a refreshing adjunct to our discovery of a similar, if more modest project in Myanmar in 2006. This is the green field site we saw, the main mill building is on the left and the boiler house on the right:

Aditya has failed to find a sufficiently large steam engine so he will probably have to use two... One will be this Bellis and Morcom two cylinder engine which comes with generator attached. It came from Khaitan sugar mill and last ran several years ago:

He is a new and enthusiastic convert to steam power so he is not sure which of his other three engines to install:

From right to left, a Marshall 12", a Tangye 14" and a (probably) Tangye 10"/18" tandem compound. Needless to say I requested the latter and permission to view the completed project after it is commissioned. I also suggested he put the other two engines into a purpose built operational museum hall on the site sufficiently large to accommodate future purchases. These engines were actually recently imported from Myanmar/Burma where I had seen them for sale earlier this year - I tipped Aditya off about the possibilities there.  

He faces stiff competition, we saw new mills going up all over the place and at least half intended to use steam power - we saw engines waiting to be installed in them. 

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