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Chinese Takeaway, 2007

I think anyone who has 'griced' steam power must have dreamed of taking one home at the end of a bash. Well, in Burma, dreams can come true..... When mills close, they tend to be just left 'as was' and the contents gather even more dust than usual, the owners hoping that one day market conditions will change again so they can re-open. But in some cases, where there is seemingly no such chance, then the engines and machinery will be sold on as new mills are being built in Irrawaddy and Sagaing divisions. Hence, there is a thriving second hand market for steam engines and a desirable object like a standard Marshall 12" (K Class) engine will cost its new owner well in excess of U$10,000. Now and again, though, smaller engines turn up and we chanced on this delectable item in February 2007. This is Yuehong with her new baby:

 It is a delightful Tangye "Soho Engine":

It seems to be more or less complete, as built, even with a Tangye governor, it carries the manufacturer's number 1107 and the Paris Gold Medal 1878 which dates it to around the early 1880s. 

Not shown here are its two flywheels, I am not sure whether either or both is original. The lubricator is modern of course and some research will be needed to return the engine to its full original condition. It will be some time before we can export it whereupon it will join its sister 8" 'Colonial Engine' number 519 that we bought last year - that one, alas, seems to have been somewhat modified during its long lifetime.

Sadly, it never left Burma, we lost touch with our guide friend Han who vanished off the face of the virtual earth about a year after we last saw him. We think we know why but I wouldn;t dream of speculating why in public.

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