The International Steam Pages

International Steam Journals

These are the (traditional) journals which support international travellers for steam - let me know of any other sources.

Continental Railway Journal 

This contained news on current international steam as well as general railway operation around the world with an accent on items of historical interest. For various reasons it could not continue in its previous form. Please read the September 2013 announcement which has now been updated (23rd November 2013).

Locomotives International:

After a very long pause in the publishing schedule since issue 81, the business changed hands. See

LI has now absorbed CRJ (see link above) and will be published bi-monthly (23rd November 2013), the latest edition is 89 (26th April 2014).

It deserves the support of all serious international (steam) enthusiasts.

FERNEXPRESS (formerly Dampf & Reise) has German language articles on railways and travel around the World. Check out their home page.

Lok Report has German language reports and its own home page.

For those (like me) with a narrow gauge inclination:

Narrow Gauge World, a bi-monthly UK publication with a significant international slant

Voie Etroite a bi-monthly French publication with a significant international slant

Rob Dickinson