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Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

We would welcome more pictures of cranes in this list which can be used to illustrate the article, as links are notoriously ephemeral.

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Sri Lanka
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  • Bedford = Bedford Engineering Company,. Bedford, UK
  • Booth = Joseph Booth & Bros., Leeds, UK
  • Butler = Samuel Butler & Co., Stanningley, Yorkshire, UK
  • Coles = Coles Cranes, Sunderland, UK
  • Coltman = Walter W. Coltman and Co, Central Boiler Works, Loughborough, UK
  • CS = Cowans Sheldon and Co, Ltd., Carlisle, UK
  • Cravens = Cravens Bros., Reddish, Stockport, UK
  • Donald = James Donald & Son, Johnstone near Glasgow, UK
  • Figee = Gebr. Figee, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Grafton = Grafton Cranes, Bedford, UK
  • Hitachi = Hitachi, Japan
  • Krupp = Krupp, Essen, Germany
  • Naval = Officina Naval Meccanica, Naples, Italy
  • Orton = Orton Crane and Shovel, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • Taatz = Alwin Taatz, Halle, Germany
  • TSSR = Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) near Leeds, UK
  • Wilson = John Wilson & Co, Liverpool (and Birkenhead), UK
  • BBCIR = Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway
  • EIR = East India Railway
  • ESR = Egyptian State Railway
  • IR = Indian Railways or Israel Railway (according to context)
  • IRS = Indian Railway Standard
  • LNER = London and North Eastern Railway (UK)
  • MSMR = Madras and South Mahratta Railway
  • NWR = North Western Railway (original)
  • ORC = Ottoman Railway Company
  • ORR = Oudh and Rohilikund Railway
  • PTKA = Perusahaan Terbatas Kereta Api (Indonesian State Railway)
  • RB = Relieving Bogie
  • BLC = Bogie Locomotive Crane
  • BCC:=  Bogie Coaling Crane
  • MoS = Ministry of Supply (UK)
  • WD = War Department (UK) 
Each entry is arranged as follows after the location:
Number Railway Gauge Diesel, Electric
and, Steam
Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments

Bangladesh (updated 24th March 2019 with crane allocations)

The disposition of the remaining steam cranes in the country as of March 2013 is:

Metre Gauge

Kewatkhali, Mymensingh : Hitachi, Japan, 1968 Capacity 40 MT Steam
Kualura Jn, Sylhet : Hitachi, Japan, 1968 Capacity 40 MT Steam
Lalmonirhat (West Zone) : Hitachi, Japan, 1968 Capacity 40 MT Steam
Bonarpara (West Zone) : Unknown but old Capacity 20 MT Steam, Coal Burner

(( The crane photographed at Laksham is suggested as being sent there from Mymensingh to do that job ))

Broad Gauge

Iswardi, Pabna : Hitachi, Japan, 1968 Capacity 66 MT Steam
Khulna : Hitachi, Japan, 1968 Capacity 66 MT Steam
Rajbari (Now in Khulna) : 1911 made Capacity 30.5 MT Steam
(This may be the crane photted at Parbatipur - as that now has a Caillard diesel )

Unknown condemned relief crane at Chittagong Port Yard, ca. 1913.

Heinrich Hubbert has sent these pictures of active steam cranes here:

Lalmonirhat, situated in the Northwest of Bangladesh, this MG shed hosts an oil-fired Hitachi build from 1968. Staff claimed it can be fired up get fully operational within 20 minutes.

Parbatipur (also Parbotipur), on the other side of the Tista river. This picture of an older CS crane was taken by holding the camera over the shed wall to capture this MG crane.

Khulna, BG, Hitachi 1968, oil-fired, the pictures are from March and November 2009 of the same crane.

Subsequently Andreas Illert had the pleasure of seeing another of these Hitachi 1968 cranes at work at Laksam Junction on the Dakha - Chittagong metre gauge main line on 25th January 2013. (This may have been sent there from Mymensingh to do that job.) You can now see a video of this action (added 5th October 2013). .

Andreas adds (5th October 2013) "There was definitely another metre gauge steam crane with support cars in Bahartoli shed at Chittagong, cold but ready to go. According to Bernd’s notes its number is 34003, built by Hitachi in 1968. For the Laksam crane Bernd Seiler noted the number 34005."

Adrian Palmer saw this Hitachi metre gauge steam crane at Chittagong diesel running shed in February 2019, no number was recorded, but see above. The small plate bottom right reads (in part) Pakistan Railway ... Standard' - added 24th March 2019.


IMPORTANT By late 2017, very little of the metre gauge system remained (ca 1000km maximum), many of the cranes shown here will have been retired and either preserved or scrapped.

CS bg crane preserved at Gwalior (20th April 2020), Naval ng crane at Adra, (6th November 2017), revised list of mg cranes (18th August 2016), Saharsa crane (19th November 2014), Chruru crane (12th November 2014), Lumding cranes (4th October 2014), Jetalsar Crane (25th April 2014), Link to newspaper article about the NFR, pictures from the WR/SCR 30th May 2013, miscellaneous updates 12th January 2013, updated with definitive 2012 operational information, 30th October 2012, Delhi Museum Crane, 15th November 2012)

This page contains a number of pictures (mainly metre gauge) of steam cranes taken in the 21st century - I have provided direct links below (as of October 2011). I have also added a page of collected images from the IRFCA site (another picture 10th November 2011) and also a further page from Heinrich Hubbert (updated 30th May 2013)

Some twenty steam breakdown cranes were still operational on the metre gauge in 2012 (30th October 2012). These are the locations: 

NER – Gonda, Mailani, Chhapra, Bareilly City. NEFR – Rangapara North, Lumding, Badarpur. SR – Thiruvarur, Madurai, Sengottai. SCR – Akola
WR – Mhow, Sabarmati, Jetalsar. ECR – Jhanjapur, Saharsa, Narkatiaganj. NWR – Udaipur, Churu, Sriganganer.

A revised list follows, those likely to have been withdrawn by 2016 are indicated thus @. It is not known if Hanumangarh Works is still doing periodic overhauls, more likely surplus cranes will be cascaded as necessary.

NER – Gonda, Mailani, Chhapra, Bareilly City @. SR – Thiruvarur @. SCR – Akola
WR – Mhow, Sabarmati, Jetalsar. ECR – Jhanjapur, Saharsa, Narkatiaganj. NWR – Udaipur, Churu @, Sriganganer.

The delivery of some 74 no. 140 ton capacity diesel cranes in the last twenty five years has eliminated steam breakdown cranes on the broad gauge; the last being withdrawn ca. 2010.

This is Saharsa's crane courtesy of Andrew Jones (19th November 2014).


Heinrich Hubbert advises (12th November 2014) that Churu's crane is looking immaculate:


With the closure of the Lumding - Silchar section for broad gauging on 1st October 2014, Heinrich Hubbert advises that Lumding's two metre gauge steam cranes have breathed their last. 

(Previously this page reported as active Lumding NFR 3807, which is a 1950s 35 tonner CS or CS pattern copy. (added 17th October 2012).

The first picture taken on 28th. September 2014 shows # 1227 "Mahasakti" (Izzatnagar 1975) in steam in Lower Haflong on its last duty, collecting the diesel power units from the stations.


The second picture shows #3807 "Shaktiman" (Izzatnagar 1972) in steam at Lumding shed on 1st October 2014.


The following picture (added 18th April 2013) was taken by Alexander Gillieron at Udaipur in March 2013 and shows regular crane 43049 with 'visitor' 43051 labelled for the Carriage and Wagon Works at Hanumangarh, most likely they are both Izatnagar copies of the CS original design. The Udaipur crane was due to be sent away for overhaul. 

Heinrich Hubbert has sent these pictures of the immaculate crane at Jetalsar, #11268 which is CS 10036/1956 (added 25th April 2014).



Otherwise, the most recent picture I have found here is of former Northern Railway 1236 (CS 1953) which was taken by Bharat Vohra on the metre gauge at Hanumangarh in January 2010, the edge of a second and maybe third crane can be seen. The original report is on

This is Heinrich Hubbert's picture of the Udaipur ART on the road in January 2010, see also (added 12th January 2013)

This is Mick Pope's picture of metre gauge TSC 505 at Mysore (South Western Railway) in November 2006. The original picture is on

The following are also shown on the IRFCA site, those indicated with "@" are on Heinrich Hubbert's page:

Other 'recent' sightings:

More pictures here (added 12th January 2013)

Adra (National Rail Virasat Bhaban, Adra) - A South Eastern Railway Museum (added 6th November 2017)

Probably from the same batch as that at Motibagh above.

Perambur, Chennai, Regional Railway Museum
Located within the campus of the Integral Coach Factory'.
(new hand crane and updated links 12th January 2013)

TSC722 MSMR/IR BG S 50T 4-8-4RB R&R D1748-50/1930
TSC30011 MG S 35T 4-8-4RB CS /1935 Hercules (ex-Madurai)
MG S Samson (ex-Villupuram)
033993 MG H 4W CS 1543/1887
MG H 4W CS ??/1885 (link not working 29th March 2012)
See also this unofficial site
National Rail Museum, New Delhi

? ? MG H ?5T 4W CS /1883
4 BBCIR BG H 15T 6W R&R/188?
2220 NR BG S 35T 6+6W CS 8557/1945 and
3 GIPR BG S 0-6-0CT HL 3538/1923 (link broken by December 2021)

TSC3511 MG S 35T 6+6W Izatnagar 196x "Sakthi", CS pattern

This is Andrew Naylor's March 2012 picture (added with the entry above, 15th November 2012):

This is Rob Dickinson's 2004 picture of the crane tank (added 27th October 2011):

Gwalior (added 20th April 2020)

GIPR BG S 65T 6+6W CS 4923/1929 In front of IR office just west of the station.

Picture is by Philip Kurasch in January 2020.


Kolkata, Howrah Railway Museum

4331 IRS for ORR to ER BG S 30T 4+4W CS 4331/1923 One of a batch of three

Motibagh, Nagpur Railway Museum

008 E 2'6" S 10T 4-4W Naval Officine Meccaniche E Foundei, Naval, Meccanica, Naples Italy link broken 5th April 2019
Rewari Junction Museum







R&R 4860 for EIR/1909 

referenced as 19/24666

Finally, there must be a significant number of hand cranes, there is one above:

Kalka (stored for proposed Shimla museum)

? ? BG H ?5T 4W ?CS /18??
901 NWR? NG H 10T ?CS 2319/1905?
Mysore Railway Museum

TCO33993 MG H 12.5T 4W CS /1885 broken by July 2020 link broken by July 2020

This pictures is courtesy of Greig Horman:

Visakapatnam, Railway Museum; but stated as plinthed on the west side of the station.(30th March 2018):


Iran Railway Museum at Marshad 

951515 or 941600 LNER to WD SG S 45T  8W+RB CS 6874-5/1939 to WD16/01/1942, oil fired, air braked converted by LNER for MoS by 28/02/1942, to Persia by 5/42, as WD 210-211
One of the above pair stored oou 10/2005, numbered 102.

This picture is courtesy of Bernd Seiler, showing it at the museum, added 12th August 2018.

Haifa, Israel Railway Museum

WD SG S 25T 4+4W CS 3855/1917 shipped to Palestine ?/??, to Palestine Railways, post WW1
C-30-1  ESR to IR SG S 30T 6-4W CS 9319/1950 Hopwood type boiler built by Cochrane & Co of Annan No.K2484/1950.
ex ESR 1907. Captured by Israel and renumbered IR no. C-30-1. 
Runner wagon is by Hurst Nelson of Motherwell, dated 1950
C-63-1 SG D 63T 6+6W Krupp 204555/59

These pictures - in the same order as above - are from February 2015:

Amman Station

16 WD to Palestine 600mm H 6T 4+4-4+4W R&R 8981 or 9687/1917 Superstructure only, not on wheels, mounted on a concrete plinth.

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures from 19th October 2007 (added 14th December 2014) and 28th February 2015 (6th May 2015)



Cranes RCTS 2101 and 2204 were reported to be at Malakwal in May 2019, said to be in operational condition (added 9th August 2019)..

The following YoutTube clip was uploaded in April 2018, there is no reason to believe it was not filmed just before - (11th May 2019)

Crane Running Number prefixes:
Initial letter indicates Division of allocation:
K - Karachi, L - Lahore, M - Multan, R - Rawalapindi, O – Departmental ( Operations ), B - Departmental ( Bridge ).
Second/Third letters CT - Crane Travelling.
Fourth letter : D - Diesel, S - Steam, M - Manual
Golra Sharif Junction, Pakistan Railways Heritage Point

RCCM 363











No steam crane is known to be in formal preservation. Several steam breakdown cranes still operational in 2011. Sightings would be gratefully received.

The following list is not not necessarily completely up- to-date, owing to the numbers involved and likely movements, the last known location is given.... 21xx series is as the pre 1947 NWR numbering, possibly up to 2219?

RCTS 2101 for NWR BG S 35T 4+4W R&R C3093/1922 Malakwal, this crane was still active in 2010
RCTS 2102 for NWR BG S 65T 6+6W R&R D1251/1930 Kundian
OCTS 2104 BG S Booth Moghalpura, Lahore. Possibly 20 ton, Booth 2581 or 2582/1911
?CTS 2105 WD for NWR BG S 25T 6+4W R&R B7126/1914 Moghalpura, Lahore
?CTS 2107 for NWR BG S 30T 4+4W R&R B4273/1908
BCTS 21?? BG S 25T 4+4+4+4W R&R C3637/1922 Jhelum, possibly 2108 or 2110 Concrete Works/Bridge Depot
BCTS 2109 BG S 25T 4+4+4+4W R&R C3637/1922 Jhelum, Concrete Works/Bridge Depot
QCTS 2112 IRS/NWR BG S 35T 4+4W Butler 738/1922
KCTS 2114 BG S 65T 6+6W R&R D1251/1930 Kotri Junction
KCTS 2115 BG S 65T 6+6W R&R D1251/1930 Karachi Cantonment
MCTS 2121 BG S 35T 4+4W R&R C3093/1922 Samasata
?CTS 2217? BG S 35T 8W CS 396/1966 Moghalpura Works, Lahore 2006
Khanewal 2012
?CTS 2218? BG S 35T 8W CS 397/1966
KCTS 2220 BG S ?20T 4+4W Bedford Eng /1923? Hyderabad Carriage and Wagon Shop
LCTS 2221 BG S ?53T 6+6W CS 394/1966 Khanewal
KCTS 2222 BG S ?53T 6+6W CS 393/1966 Kotri Junction
QCTS 2223 BG S ?53T 6+6W CS 392/1966 Quetta
RCTS 2224 BG S ?53T 6+6W CS 395/1966 Formerly Rawalpindi, seen with broken jib, Moghalpura Works, Lahore 2006
BCTS2226 BG S 25T 6+6W CS 488/1970 Chief Civil Engineer, Lahore
BCTS2227 BG S 25T 6+6W Chief Civil Engineer, Kotri Junction
BCTS2228 BG S 25T 6+6W CS 489/1970 Chief Civil Engineer, Karachi
MCTS5581 MG S 35T 6+4W Naval/PRS 56/1960 Mirphur Khas, may have been converted to diesel

This picture of #2101 at Malakwal in October 1991 is courtesy of Manfred Schoeler - probably seen on video here (added 29th December 2011).

Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura (added 1st March 2015)

CGR BG H 15T 4+4W  S&P 1899 Seen here 2006 and 2015

These are Chris Capewell's pictures from January 2015:

Colombo National Maritime Museum -

Crown Agents for Port Commission BG (?) S ?10T 6W  Grafton 2240/1928 No railway buffing gear, out of gauge boiler, for port use only.

Pictures are courtesy of Kris Ward:

Colombo Railway Museum

Ceylon Railways 2'6" H 10T 8W  R&R B 1960/1900

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture:

Rasika Wickramanayaka has sent the following extra data, it's in feet ' and inches " of course!:
Radius Max 19'6" min 14'
Height of hook above rail level min 6', max 12'
Single link straight chain with double falls
Lift with snatch box for maximum load
No of axles 4, wheel base 11'3", wheel diameter 1'6", length of under frame 18'11" and 21' 1" over buffers.
Length of jib, 16'0: , height of crane 9'10.5", width of the crane 7' 5.5" (over handles)

Dematagoda Depot

5841 Ceylon Railway BG S 35T 4-8-4RB CS 9587/1953 Still operational, see
57?? BG H ?10T 6W CS ?/18?? Tubular riveted jib oou 

This is James Waite's picture of the steam crane 5841:

By January 2015 the CS BDC 5841 appears to live in the Diesel Hydraulic depot on the opposite side of the line from the old steam shed which is now used for dmus.. It was in use at Anuradhapura lifting loco and coach for bogie change and later seen on the wheel lathe at Dematagoda. This is Chris Capewell's picture.

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture:

Bridge Department Compound, Dematagoda (updated 21st January 2018)
(This compound is easy to miss; it is to the south of the steam shed and carriage and wagon works, beyond the steam traverser.)

5728  Ceylon Railway BG S 30T 484RB R&R GG8028-30/1951 Said to be at Ratmalana Works for overhaul, 01/2015 but not seen and jib was here.
5729 Ceylon Railway BG S 30T 484RB R&R GG8028-30/1951
5596 S 7T   6W Grafton 2693/1945 Appeared serviceable 01/2015
5597 S 7T   6W Grafton 2692/1945 No boiler and no running number 01/2015
5840 S 7T   6W TSSR 19463/1951? Intact but not used for some time, 01/2015

The railway's 1991 diesel Gottwald is dumped here - lack of spares and no certified operator.

One of the 7 ton cranes is seen in action here

One of the 30 ton cranes (5729) is seen in action here and 5728 is seen here (added 31st March 2013).

Roger Bryant spotted a R&R crane out on the line near Bentota in December 2017 with manned support vehicles so it had been out on a job. One to watch for by visiting enthusiasts (2 1st January 2018).

This is Grafton 5597 (Chris Capewell, January 2015):

This is the TSSR crane 5840 (Chris Capewell, January 2015):

This is the R&R crane 5729 (Chris Capewell, January 2015):

Dematagoda Points and Crossings Shop (added 1st March 2015)

????  CGR E 4T @ 14' R&R ???/1908 R&R ???/1908

Seen in daily use in January 2015 (Chris Capewell):

Ratmalana Works (updated 26th February 2015)

This Grafton crane (1978/1925) was here in January 2015 (Chris Capewell):

4318  BG ? 7T 4W Grafton "Crane No. 1087' which makes it ca 1908.

These are Clive Hepworth's pictures:

4042 BG H ?10T 6W Carrick and Rtitchie, Edinburgh, ca 1897 First seen January 2015
recovered from 'up country' Chris Capewell pictures

Ankara Museum

SG S 6W Coal Loader
4352 SG E ?T 4W Coal Loader, German built?

These are Clive Hepworth's 2013 pictures, top is the 4W grab, the 6W grab is wedged between the fence and vegetation and almost impossible to photograph.
Camlik Museum

ORC SG S ?T 6W Coles ??/1899
ORC SG H 8T 6W R&R 875/1890
SG H 6T 4W R&R ??/1???
SG 15T 8W Orton 45045
H ? Goods Crane Present in disused Camlik station,
carries W.Bira & Co London (agents?)

These are Clive Hepworth's October 2013 pictures, these are shown in the order above, the Orton is enclosed by vegetation and difficult to photograph. 
Istanbul Rahmi Koc Museum Haskoy

SG H ?T 4W  Taatz

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures:

Haydarpasha Station, Istanbul

3101 SG H ?T 4W 

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture:


Tashkent Railway Museum (added 15th November 2013)

DZh45 1520mm S to D? 45T 6+6W Kovrovets Breakdown crane. see

Rob Dickinson