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Klien-Lindner Steam Locomotives in Java

This page illustrates examples of articulated steam locomotives - click here for the introduction to Klien-Lindner locomotives.

For many years, the only place to see Klien-Lindner axled steam locomotives at work has been in the sugar mills of Java, Indonesia. These are not easy locomotives to photograph in the tropics as the water tanks overhang the motion and they necessarily have outside frames.

Here are some pictures of typical such locomotives in Java, note that the articulation allows extended wheelbases for larger locomotives which is desirable on lightweight tracks. The gauge is 700mm unless otherwise stated and I have tried to choose all builders represented although not every variant for each.

Firstly small 60 HP Olean 7 in 2005:

A larger and longer wheelbase OK locomotive, 80 HP Sindanglaut 13 at work in 2002 (720mm gauge).

Du Croo and Brauns 0-8-0T at Tersana Baru in 2002, note the feedwater pump (formerly Gempol #1)

Borsig 0-8-0T #4 in 1986

Hanomag 0-8-0T Pakis 7 in 1996 (750mm gauge)

Henschel 0-8-0T #6 at Kebonagung in 2002 ( I am not sure of the provenance of this, it may have Gölsdorf axles):

Jung 0-8-0T #3 at Tersana Baru in 2003:

Maffei 0-8-0T Kadhipaten #4 in 1976 (670mm gauge), this design was the basis for the Du Croo and Brauns locomotives - see above.

Linke-Hoffman 0-8-0T Gondang 1 in 1986

Finally an extra-ordinary Klien-Lindner locomotive is Rejosari 10, a jackshaft geared 0-8-0T locomotive:

Rob Dickinson