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Australia and New Zealand are really outside my terms of reference and I do not currently intend to carry up-to-date news of the steam scene in those two countries. However, I do get a regular trickle of enquiries and in response I can offer to mount links to sites covering them. Please let me have your recommendations.... If the response is good, then I may start to carry Australasian items with an international dimension (such as news of steam locos imported into Australasia -   updated 21st May 2011). Keep the information coming in!

The latest additions are:


If you are researching preserved railways and/or operational main line steam for a potential visit I have put up a page listing those sites with a substantial railway museum and/or operational steam which I know about (updated 20th June 2016). Let me know of any omissions and any links which need adding/correcting. It includes a couple of maps which locate the major steam sites in two of the states, I hope to add more later.

Essential reading for the visitor and resident alike:

Guide to Australian Heritage Trains and Railway Museums
Compiled by Robert F McKillop, 2010 Edition
Australian Railway Historical Society, New South Wales Division

Check their website for more information - 
(Link broken by December 2023. RD)

For a site offering information on all the preserved locomotives (allegedly 583 in June 2009) in Australia (and yet more links) check out (link updated 27th July 2009)

Separate divisions of the Australian Railway Historical Society have their own web pages.

Australian Capital Territory see (added 29th May 2009, link broken by December 2021), formerly (link broken by 12th April 2018)
New South Wales  (Link broken by May 2023)
South Australia  
Tasmania (Link broken by May 2023) (updated 30th March 2013)
Victoria (updated 20th October 2008, link broken by December 2021) 
Western Australia (amended 27th September 2007)

There are many steam and other railway cranes preserved in Australia, there is a list available on this site (updated 11th May 2016).

The Australian Heritage Fleet operates two steam driven vessels, both 100 years old. The Lady Hopetoun is a VIP Steam Launch and the Waratah is a coastal steam tug. They are also restoring the John Oxley, a costal Pilot vessel with twin boilers. The Lady Hopetoun and the Waratah are coal fired, and the John Oxley was converted to oil firing before they took possession of her. (Information added 4th November 2002)

New Zealand

If you are researching preserved railways for a potential visit I have put up a page listing those sites with operational steam (latest update 20th February 2006) which I know about (updated 1st November 2002). Let me know of any omissions and any links which need adding. It includes a couple of maps which locate the major steam sites in the country. I visited New Zealand in October 2002 and additional information is included in my report (updated 29th October 2002).

Preserved Steam news from New Zealand (4th October 2016)

James Waite visited South Island, New Zealand in October 2015 and you can read his two part report.

Chris Grimes was in the country in April / May 2014 and has produced a summary report (11th June 2014)..

If you don't know your J from your K, let alone your Ab, I have posted a brief introduction to the country's mainline steam. It is NOT meant to be definitive!

For me the most attractive part of the steam scene in New Zealand are the various 'Bush Lokeys', both imported and homemade. Check out which gives information on geared locomotives. (Added 11th November 2002)

Otherwise, perhaps the key web page for the country is that of the National Federation of Rail Societies in New Zealand

For information on steam power in general and railway museums not listed here, see

There are a number of steam and other railway cranes preserved in New Zealand, there is a list available on this site (added 26th October 2011).

Perhaps the most well known attractions are:

The Railway Enthusiasts Society Inc (Auckland, incorporating The Glenbrook Vintage Railway) (link found broken on 27th October 2017) the new website is

The Mainline Steam Trust (Wellington)

Steam Incorporated, Paerkakakiri (Wellington) (Link dead by May 2023)

The Kingston Flyer (Southland) - (link dead by October 2016) Alas, news reports in July 2009 indicated that the parent company is effectively bankrupt and there are some doubts as to whether the railway will operate the normal season starting in October 2009 - check carefully for updates locally before visiting (11th July 2009). Having reopened under a new owner in 2011, it has once again been put up for sale - (17th May 2013) and no offers have been forthcoming (10th December 2013), the future here looks bleak.

A long established organisation which publishes its own books is the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society  

My good friend John Raby was in New Zealand for some time and did some investigating ... Try

Imported steam locomotives...

New Zealand and (parts of) Australia share a common gauge with southern Africa and this has led to a number of locomotives being bought for further operation:

These are documented as follows as well as those of other gauges....:

Overseas Steam in Australia (updated 27th July 2009)

Overseas Steam in New Zealand (updated 21st May 2011)

Rob Dickinson