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Contrary to some popular opinion, the vast majority of visitors go to only a small subset of the sugar mills in Cuba. In addition, mass tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon and the sun is an anything but reliable feature of a visit. Consequently, it has not been easy to gather pictures for some of the mills in the far east of the island and those mills which stopped using steam in the 1980s. Hence some of the pictures used in this CD-ROM were taken in less than ideal conditions. Often they represent a unique record of an era which has passed and your understanding of this is essential to your enjoyment.

The author with real steam in Cuba in April 2000.

I would like to thank all those other photographers whose work is featured on this CD:

Special thanks go to Steve Mourton (SM), the late Nick Tindall (NT) and the late Chris Walker (CW) who have literally allowed me to go through their entire collections and Wayne Weiss (WW) who has kept me supplied with a stream of Photo CDs. Without them it would have been impossible to compile this CD-ROM. Chris also introduced me to the delights of Cuban steam and has provided much background information.

The following contributors are also gratefully acknowledged:
Bryan Acford (BA), John Adams (JA), Terry Bagworth (TB), the late Donald Bell (DB), Roland Beier (RB), the late Fred Butler (FB), Keith Chester (KC), Mike Clendining (MC), Rod Farr (RF), Jim Gunning (JG), Gunther Koch (GK), Graham Leach (GL), the late Ron Lingley (RL), Peter Mosse (PM), Peter Nash (PN), Nelson Poots (NP), Bernd Seiler (BS), Tony Wardrobe (TW), John Weiss (JW).


Allan Faulkner (AF) and David Thornhill (WS) provided the superb system maps which are featured in the main and mill sections. David through his World Steam magazine has also helped with contacts and useful information.

Rob Dickinson