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Weston Hall Gardens, 2013

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In 2012, we visited Weston Hall near Ross-on-Wye, they open just one day a year under the National Gardens Scheme. Traditionally it rains and that occasion was no exception. This year it was open again on the first Sunday of June and the weather could not have been more different.

We pitched up at the gate and asked where we could park the bikes, cue the response "You're the couple that turned up on bikes last year!" Yuehong once again asked for "One like this" she is quite determined now she knows more about using such a creature properly:

It was plain that the gardens, like ours, were running well behind their normal schedule. As a result, the wisteria was in full bloom, this was the white variety on the south wing:

The blue variety is on the main building, we have a couple like this but it will be many years before they have such spectacular blooms:

Fewer of the trees were in flower but those that were, showed up well in the sunlight:

Sadly our small laburnum tree has departed this world, having cursed it for 2 years, Yuehong now quite misses it, we suspect it was too demanding for the builder's rubble it was perched upon,  The hall's versions seemed quite happy, ours won't be replaced soon as they are not cheap, instead we have a dwarf willow.

My rear tyre had developed a slow puncture and as a result it had to be blown up every half a mile or so all the way home. It didn't stop Yuehong dragging me via Bromsash where she picked up her annual geranium supply.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson