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Gold in the Hills 2013

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One of my roles is to be webmaster of the Lea Bailey Light Railway which occupies a site near Mitcheldean which was an abortive gold mine project. However, the hills to the east of the village have provided a superb autumnal golden display this year. We've had a couple of cycle rides and two walks on splendidly sunny days and these pictures show one of the latter, for a change I am mixing Yuehong's and my efforts because frankly, she is better at this kind of thing than I am these days....

The plan was to go out on the Gloucestershire Way (read about our previous walk here in December 2011) and return on the Wysis Way passing along the west side of Longhope village. First we walked down to Abenhall to join the GW and this meant climbing above the church:

Further up we could look over Mitcheldean, our own modest dwelling is right in the middle of this next picture:

Counter-intuitively there was a pond on the top of the first hill.

I persuaded Yuehong to inch her way through the mud to get a couple of glorious pictures of our iconic peak May Hill:

It was time to go down towards Longhope, the Old Spot pigs were not at home, but some rather large lambs were:

Nearby someone had decorated a barn wall:

May Hill just kept coming at us:

We passed a candidate for the ultimate in garden gnomes and crossed the main road:

Longhope has a warmer micro-climate than the surrounding hills and many more leaves were on the trees:

I don't think I have ever seen as many berries on trees as this year:

The shadows were lengthening, it was almost time for Yuehong to put her coat back on:

This was about as close to May Hill as we got:

Before we got to the top end of Longhope, we cut up a lane which would join the Wysis Way, it became a private lane and I insisted on taking the official right of way, much to the amusement of the local residents it was rather muddy.

The nearby barn was photogenic but in need of some tlc:

I think we were both tired by now, we had been going for just over 3 hours, the last climb was a trudge but the golden view back at the top was glorious:

Once over the top, we had a narrow lane down until we were back on near home territory albeit a good mile away.

Yuehong suggested we were in no condition to sample the Co-op's reduced shelf, they would have thrown us out...

And as Blue Peter would say, here's one I took a few days earlier, it's Longhope church which was just off this route:

This shows the route courtesy of Google Maps:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson