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Linton Cycle Circular

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I would be the first to confess that we haven't been out on the bikes as often as we should have done this year. Among the more repeatable excuses are our attendance at numerous steam fairs well beyond cycle range and the needs of our large garden. Finally in mid-November before the cold temperatures could add to them, we went across the border north into Herefordshire along a route which offers 'bangs for bucks' or lots of views for not too much effort.

It's open country most of the way and the apples were still on many trees, particularly this one:

Technically it's a B road but traffic levels are low...

Once across the A40, there's the kind of house and garden to make Yuehong drool, especially now she's discovered 'Downton Abbbey'.

On the other side of the road, there's a lovely view down to Lea, the Penyard and the hills beyond Ross on Wye:

The camera doesn't lie, this bit is all downhill: 

And then there's an unexpected view of May Hill (again):

A farming life might even appear attractive in this kind of location:

I didn't expect the Alma at Linton to be open, but the Penny Farthing's winter hours at Aston Crews were a disappointment, the empty car park said it all

Which meant I had to do the next hill unfortified:

The views here to the north-east are of the area around the Malverns:

We were feeling our ages, we cut out the top of the loop and headed straight for Bromsash, in fact it's a better road with few potholes and even less traffic:

 It was just as well, the clouds were building and the temperature was dropping:

It will have been the final ride of 2013, by rights we should be Penang bound but unfortunately the sleeping dogs of the UKBA are best left to lie.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson