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How does Your Garden Grow?

This is the 2013 index of the pages describing our very dull life in the UK since arriving in 2011. We couldn't travel in Summer 2013 even if we wanted to as the UKBA has had all our passports for over 5 months. We hope at some stage they will return them with some positive news on Yuehong's and Yiran's status but as their performance standards quote '95% of applications decided within 6 months', we're not holding our breath waiting...

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For most people in the UK the prospect of taking on a property built up 33 steps on a 30 degree slope would be a nightmare. For us, it's proved both a challenge and a delight. This is our third summer (2013), the first started late for us in June and was spent cutting away the growth of two years near total neglect. It was dry as the seasons go in these parts by which I mean, the moss had trouble making any progress. 2012 was the most miserable summer imaginable, it was cold and wet almost continuously. As you will see below, 2013 had as bad a start as can be imagined, but this has in fact set up the later months very nicely. Now read all about it...

Frog massacre and wedding of the year:

March 2013

Bulbs and Primroses:

April 2013

Spring Flowers:

May 2013

Reluctant Summer

Early June 2013

Summer Time!

Mid June 2013

Full Summer

Late June 2013

Phew! What a Scorcher!

Early July 2013

Yuehong's Cottage Garden

July and August 2013

Fading Glory

Autumn 2013

God's Garden

October 2013

Other gardens in 2013

Mighty wisteria and more:

Weston Hall Gardens, June 2013

Size isn't everything but it helps:

Lydney Park Gardens, June 2013

On your bike!

November 2013

Gold in the Hills

November 2013

Our garden history 2011-12

Getting started:

Summer 2011

Holding back the deluge

Summer 2012


Rob and Yuehong Dickinson