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How does Your Garden Grow? (Autumn 2013)

This page is part of a series of monthly garden blogs and other items from 2013. Click here for the index.

Summer was reluctant to depart in 2013, throughout September and October the winds were constantly from the south-west and if they brought more than enough rain they also brought warm temperatures and some sunshine. By deliberately underexposing by a stop or so, I got this extraordinary pre-sunrise shot at 06.25 on 9th October. The second picture was taken a minute later on the natural exposure. Normally I have better things to do at this time of day but...

The plants at the front of the house just refused to give up, seen later the same day:

Similarly the nasturtiums which had colonised the azalea bed at the back:

Few of our plants could be called 'autumn specialists' mostly they have quietly faded away, some a little less so than others:

There is always just one winner, our small acer bush, seen here on 19th and 23rd October, and by the end of the month all the leaves had dropped.

In these conditions rainbows are inevitable and usually spectacular, this being the best:

The colours just refused to go away, this is the bush which is normally literally in the shadow of our Albertine climbing rose, it's 29th November 2013 and at the front several rose blooms are out:

This final picture is a slight cheat as the picture was actually taken in a nearby garden, I fear it was a youngster that may struggle to make it through a cold winter to come:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson