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Oh, to be in England..., the Mitcheldean Garden 2017
Six Years On

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3rd June 2011 was a day of some significance in my life as I became a grandfather for the first time (the score is now four, all grandsons) and Yuehong and I arrived in Mitcheldean permanently. Here to kick off are five 'then and now' pictures.

Today, if you look up from the road below, this is what you will see:

Climb those steps and this is the final approach.

However, if you pause and walk along below the top wall, this is what you will see.

And if you ask nicely to stand on the garage roof:

Behind the house, looking up from above the pond 

...or looking down from just below the 'wildflower area':

All the roses here are from one or other 'bargain basement'

Finally, Mitcheldean's 'Rose Queen'.

In two weeks time, we shall be part of the village Open Gardens programme, there's still quite a bit of tidying to come after which things will be out of our hands, we can just hope the weather plays ball with the event.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson