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Our Cup Runneth Over
Quick Guide to Spring 2016, Part 1

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Yuehong has insisted that I provide an update on the continuing development of our patch of colour, it's not easy because it's 'more of the same' but even better. As the under-gardener charged with all the heavy and dirty jobs, I'm heartily pleased that the new slimmer, fitter lady of the household is doing a great job from top to bottom of her roses (78 at the last count, since you asked).

But, I'm running ahead of myself. We had over-wintered well in Penang and on our return in mid-March, it seemed that all was well with the world in Mitcheldean. Clearly we had prepared properly before we left, there was no maintenance backlog, everything was waiting for the starting pistol.

What had been a packed greenhouse was emptied of all but the most tender of specimens, the geraniums.

We believe we left 22 fish, there were 21 left to greet us although one subsequently died of natural causes.

Spot on time, the massed hyacinths - best bought in quantity at steam rallies - provided great colour and an even better fragrance.

Like the front, the back garden was smart and raring to go:

Soon, our primrose banks were in full bloom, they didn't get to be like this by accident... Talking of which there's a tree in the background that desperately needs an accident. I could arrange for it to happen but the list of suspects would be very short.

Meanwhile out at the front, the roses were leafing up and the front beds were girding themselves for action.

Soon the tulips were through, a sure sign that the garden would shortly need our full attention, as ever it would be a question of running furiously just to stand still.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson