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The Best Garden in Mitcheldean? (early June 2015)
Plants on Steroids

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When you have the right kind of garden, you have to provide a bathroom for visitors and as always seems to happen, the ladies queue up to use the facilities. Sadly, we lost most of our fish to some fly-by-night thief (heron or crow?) while we were away one weekend, in future the pond below this pool will be protected at critical times of year, right now the vegetation shields both the new fish and tadpoles.

Now the age of (real) steam is passed it takes a great deal to get me out of bed at 06.00, but there are days in summer when the urge is irresistible, it's 06.03 on the 3rd June according to the camera and I've no reason to doubt it.

The lupins behind Yuehong are in their third year and at their peak, the bees just love them, the actual colours are far better than these pictures suggest..

.I can't begin to show everything, so here are some general views. Firstly the rockery a little later in the morning, the azalea on the left is always last to show but is actually the best n the garden.

The patio no longer looks like a plant hospital, it is ablaze with colour, nemesia, geraniums, pansies, Johnson's blue, fuchsia and an iceberg rose...

The front garden is much, more than the roses, this is the north corner with Johnson's blue, lupins, a dwarf willow and burgeoning rock roses.

Finally our hats off to some individual flowers, three peonies and a poppy which have come good this year, some times you just have to wait for plants to become established. Expect to see more peonies in years to come...

Next up probably some roadside flowers and hanging baskets, it rather depends on the great British weather.

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson