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How does Your Garden Grow? (Mid June 2013)

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By now aided with plenty of sunshine and temperatures touching the dizzy heights of 20 degrees, the garden was catching up fast. As seen from our visit to Lydney Park Gardens this had been an extraordinarily good year for azaleas and rhodendrons and our little one in the rockery was determined to get into the act:

While up at the top 'old faithful' was pushing out blooms in quantity.

Our own purchases from 2012 were enjoying themselves too but they really need a bit more time to settle in before showing off. They will make a great display in the period between the bulbs and the roses and hanging baskets. Up near the top as well, we had some splendid irises which were on show for the first time here:

Meanwhile more and more of the clematis were blooming, the first alas is now looking very sick at the time of writing having seen its leaves turn brown, we think we may have let it dry out too much:

At the front of the house, new flower beds have been dug, the failed laburnum has been replaced by a dwarf willow and our inherited rose by the front door has had about 40 blooms at any one time.

Meanwhile, the little azalea just got better and better, I just hope the effort doesn't prove too much for it:

One of the results of having Yiran at home still (courtesy of the UK's absurd immigration system) is that he has earned some pocket money turning our elderly neighbours' gardens into something to be proud of instead of overgrown jungles. They are no great spectacles but at least they are tidy and sometimes nature reminds us that wildflowers can be as beautiful as their expensive cultivated counterparts, This is what I believe is a blue cornflower:

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson