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How does Your Garden Grow? (May 2013)

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Our bungalow roughly faces slightly north of east and we can get glorious sunrises between March and September when the sun is well to the north but we do need to wake up early...

While our wild primroses did boast some some non-yellow blooms, Yuehong could not resist buying a batch of bright cultivated ones from the garden centre which added much needed colour in the early part of the month.

In the rockery our original Pieris Flame was up to its usual tricks, behind the Summer House is gleaming with fresh paint, but the sad fact is that elements of it are already rotten.

We try to keep an area at the top for our wild flowers, this year the wood anemones were particularly attractive:

I'm not sure too many passers by look up, if they did then this is what they would have seen with Yuehong's investment in tulip bulbs being richly rewarded:

These were early views before the purple ones had opened, the aubretia installed last year has spread well (there is more down at near street level):

We inherited this plant whose name I do not know, for most of the year it is nondescript but this year it produced a brilliant display:

There's no point in showing our main bluebell display again but those newly moved under the forsythia were quite presentable:

It was quite a dry month, with just enough rain to avoid the need for large scale watering as the ground had started Spring very damp from a year's excessive rain:

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson