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The Best Garden in Mitcheldean? (April 2015)
Everything's coming up Primroses

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As always, we were reluctant to leave Penang but once again, finding the garden in fine fettle at the end of March soon cheered us up. During the last year and a bit, I have been encouraging our primroses which seem happy to flower where only weeds normally flourish. Initially, I was less enthusiastic about them as they tend to multiply in the lawns, but these days, I simply dig them up and move them...

First the front garden:

Then the back, where those in the rockery will need thinning out while those behind the summer house add a splash of colour in a quiet area of the garden.

Throughout the front area, it's a battle against the legacy of builder's rubble, we seem to have got the forsythia right at last and down by the road, we are beginning to turn the corner...

Working up the back garden, the pieris fire plant never ceases to delight and the tulips and aubretia are earlier than usual.

The camellia we put in soon after we arrived are now big enough to flower significantly and for once the top bed is looking quite good, it will be the main target for improvement this year.

It's mid-April and two of the small azaleas are nearly in full bloom, while in the middle flower bed you can't see the leaves of another one!

Before we left, Yuehong set up hyacinths, special primroses and pansies, the latter two having the benefit of the greenhouse while we were away. They've now been joined by the tender fuchsias which didn't dry out too much overwintering.. The geraniums are now in the top greenhouse in case of late frosts.

As for the greenhouse, the wall has everything the keen gardener might want and there's a heap of youngsters being started.

It's been a brilliant April, loads of warm sunshine and no rain to speak of, in fact we are rather hoping that the last week of the month will be a little wetter...

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson