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How does Your Garden Grow? (April 2013)

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One of childhood's joys was growing hyacinth bulbs indoors during the winter. Since we try to spend as much time as possible then in Penang, we had to plant ours outdoors, Yuehong having bought a job lot at a good price in the market at Ross-on-Wye. They did us proud, providing some much needed colour and a great scent.

The east side of the house catches the morning sun and the bed never gets very cold:

The daffodils were a month late, not surprisingly. I had planted a row of surplus bulbs from the bed above in an attempt to brighten our lower front lawn which continues to be a disaster as it has poor soil which supports only undemanding but virulent weeds. The forsythia at the top was inherited and only now is it coming under control. For a bit of alternative colour, I have transferred some excess bluebells from the back under it.

However, April's unlikely stars were our wild primroses which decided that the weather conditions suited them ideally:

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson