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How does Your Garden Grow? (March 2013)

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It was not a wonderful March, we had been back from Penang for two and a half weeks and in the last week of the month we woke up to find our back garden looking like this:

The view at the front was similar:

While we could simply crawl back into bed, our frogs were in big trouble. They had laid their spawn and the pond had frozen over trapping them under thick ice when they were in a weakened state. Over the next few weeks, we brought out more than a couple of dozen and cremated them. Much of the spawn perished, and the pond looked foul for weeks:

Fortunately, we had no important business to attend to unlike a fortnight before when we were at the 'wedding of the year' at Orchardleigh House near Frome. You can get some idea of what sort of place it is..

I doubt you will find a picture of me with a tie on elsewhere on this website:

My son, Chris was getting hitched to Maggie and for a weekend I was patriarch to my extended family, thank God I was not asked to foot the bill or even part of it. Since my sister Sally (front right) and daughter Tammy and her partner Ash live in Australia and New Zealand respectively, then this was an unmissable photographic opportunity. Making up the rest of the back row are my brother Patric and former wife Marion. It will not have been the warmest day of the year, the bridesmaids' goose pimples had to he seen be believed...

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Rob and Yuehong Dickinson