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The Monmouth Kings Wood Circle 2010

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For a first look at our new home in Mitcheldean, you can read about the 33 steps.

When I used to get a little homesick in China, Yuehong used to ask me what I missed most. She was rather surprised when I said it was my favourite walk in the area behind where I used to live in Overmonnow, Monmouth. So after a day getting started unpacking our sea freight and a successful morning shopping for household and gardening essentials in Gloucester, the fact that we had a hire car for just a week and that the day had dawned warm, dry and clear made it easy to take an afternoon off. Monmouth's old fortified bridge is even more attractive now they have built a modern bridge downstream and it has been pedestrianised - never mind the new bridge is as ugly as the original is beautiful.

We parked the car at the end of "Watery Lane" and set off for the hills following the way-marked Offa's Dyke Path as it climbed gently through the woodlands. Although we had walked London's canals when we were in the UK in January 2010, the rural walks had been impossible in the snow and this was Yuehong's first experience of British woodlands, these days the path has been 'improved' and its less muddy than I remember it.

One of the interesting landmarks is this old Monmouth parish boundary stone from 1857.

After a while, we left the long distance path and wound our way along the west side of the hill following a local way-marked bridle way (path on which horse riders are allowed). Eventually, we left the woods and entered open countryside with views which extended to Raglan and the mountains beyond.

Having carefully chosen in which direction we would do the walk, when we turned left once more, Yuehong at last was able to see Monmouth with the Kymin upper right. That would have to wait for another time...

Unfortunately, the field behind her had recently been ploughed which made the last section hard going, but it did nothing to wipe the smile off her face.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson