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Another Bunch of Roses, 2017

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Five years ago we went to Highnam Court which boasts a 1 acre rose garden, and we were overdue a return.

This time we went on one of their National Gardens Scheme days, 4th June was chosen as our own roses were in full bloom. Despite spending half an hour in the tearoom to avoid the rain there were sufficient gaps in the clouds for Yuehong to get some nice pictures for her blog-to-be. I have to say that while there were masses of roses, there had obviously been a significant 'churn' since our last visit and a lot of the roses in the 1 acre rose garden looked anything but healthy.

The roses in the Orangery Parterre still looked pretty good:

Sadly this was all that was left of the display of standard roses that so impressed Yuehong last time, some of the gaps had even been filled with dahlias!

We wandered off to see the rest which is largely groups of traditional perennials which were yet to bloom, along the way we passed yet more roses:

Most of the plants are in a sunken area to the west of the house.

For some reason best known to the owner - he who pays the piper calls the tune - the roses here are almost all white, pink and 'blue' (ie purple) with just a few reds and not a yellow or orange to be seen..

We planned to exit via the lake to get the view of the house (see above) and discovered the south side was a 'work in progress' and rather muddy. The Canada geese must have laughed as we picked our way through their excrement. In the end we had just 5 minutes before our bus home was due and we had to make an undignified exit through the fence by the gate.

Highnam Court itself is a Grade 1 listed building as is the nearby church described on a separate page.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson