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Stoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik Steam Festival, 9th May 2013 

Click here for the Surviving Steam Trams of the World introduction. See also the report of Filippo Ricci's visit in May 2014.

Thomas Kautzor writes:

Attached are a few photos from SHM's Steam Festival. My main objective of the day was to see the SHM's three steam trams in use, however skirt tank LTM 26 was in the workshops having it's tyres replaced and those had only arrived the day before the festival, so it was unable to take part. Another disappointent was the fact that the historic stock would only work as far as Wognum station, about 7 km from Hoorn, while the two pairs of trains on the more interesting section to Medemblik would be worked with SHM's two operational industrial locos and the ex-ÖBB coaches used on the regular service trains. Between Hoorn and Wognum the railway first runs parallel to NS and then heads north through mostly urban areas.

The first train of the day was a diesel goods train to Wognum, where NS Sik 288 had to shunt the wagons into the siding and the mail and milk cans had to be unloaded before arrival of the 1st visitors. In use together with the two tram locos, NS 0-6-0T 7742 "Bello" (BMAG 5249/1914, ex HSM 1046) is very much the star of the railway and a part of Dutch folklore. It was the last regular steam loco to work the NS steam tram branch from Alkmaar to Bergen aan Zee (1932-55).

After getting the steam trams at various locations between Hoorn and Wognum, I nevertheless headed north to get the industrial locos, 0-6-0T 5 (La Meuse 3252/1929) and 0-4-0T 16 (Jung 9846/1943), on the lifting bridge and next to the windmill at Medemblik and at Opperdoes.

NTM 101 (Kromhout/Ducroo & Brauns 265/1935), shown in the pictures, was on display at Hoorn shed. It was just recently rebuilt and a rare example of a diesel tram loco. After the NTM closed it spent the rest of its life at various industrial sites. This the first standard gauge diesel built by the company (there were three much earlier narrow gauge diesels).

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The first row shows LTM 26, some freight vehicles and NTM 101. The second row shows Bello (2) and Haagsche Tramweg Mij 8 'Ooievaar' (Backer & Rueb 227/1904), the third row shows Gooische Stoomtramweg Mij 18 ‘Leeghwater’ (Henschel18776/1921).

Rob Dickinson