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Steam in Taiwan 1998/9

The most recent news I have of CK 101 in action is that it was out on the 'mountain line' on 23rd August 1999. The photograph shows it on the 2.5% grade between Sunyi and XungXing: Click here for pictures of Ali Shan's preserved Shay:

CK101 in August 1999

John Raby has had some interesting news from Chih-Wen Jason Hung:
" I would like to inform you an exciting news I got from my friend Meisho in Taiwan. Our first re-built steam locomotive CK101 just ran on the mainline from Song-Shan (Matsuyama) to Tsi-Du few hours ago (5/22 morning). This is only a test excursion and it will get public on our Taiwan Railway Memorial Day on June 9th 1998. This is the first re-built steam of TRA. When it ran though Song-Shan station, almost everyone was surprised by it!" Hsieh Ming Pin (7th December 1998) sent me a picture of the restored loco at work:


Li Chung Jeng's friend Sylvia Lin has sent me (29th June 1999) some pictures he has taken of CK101 and newly restored 2 truck Shay at work on the Alishan mountain railway.

CK101 in the mists of time, Hoton, February 27th 1999

Recreating a common scene more than 20 years ago..... More pictures added on 6th March 2000.

In Bei-Men Works

Chu-chi station

Xing-Hua hugh school

Running with steam

Shay 26, Zuch i station March2nd 1999

Traditional Shay displaced boiler, at Beimen, March 2nd 1999

Shay 26 between Beimen and Zuchi, March 2nd 1999

Rob Dickinson