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The Blonay-Chamby Museum Railway, 2015

Thomas Kautzor writes:

This weekend (23rd/24th May 2015) was the Blonay-Chamby’s annual steam festival. On our way there this afternoon, we first stopped at Vevey station, where the GoldenPass Stadler GTW2/6 was awaiting its departure for Blonay, with the golden cupola of the Russian Orthodox church in the background. Also in the station was Vapeur Val-de-Travers’ (VVT) ex-ÖBB 52 221 (BMAG 12226/1943), which had come from Neuchatel with a sold-out special train for the day. Since 1965, this locomotive is in fact a mix of 52 7486 (frame) and 52 221 (boiler).

On the Blonay-Chamby six steam locos where in use over the weekend. Apart from the four usual performers (SEG/MEG Mallet 105, Ferrovie Padane tram No. 4, BAM 0-6-0T 6 and BFD 2-6-0RT No. 3), there was freshly restored LEB 0-6-0T No. 5 (SACM 4172/1890), which was last used in 2005 and returned to service for its 125th anniversary late on Friday night, as well as LEB 0-6-0T No. 8, which was visiting her older sister for the occasion.

Rob Dickinson