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Schinznacher Baumschulbahn, Switzerland, 2013

Thomas Kautzor reports (and has added an update, (6th May 2015), see also Martin Haywood's update (26th October 2016)..

The SchBB is Switzerland's premier steam-operated 600mm gauge line, located at Baumschule Zulauf A.G., a large garden centre in Schinznach Dorf (roughly halfway between Zurich and Basel), the website is The pictures below are from the 7th September 2013 which was the annual steam festival which saw some pleasant afternoon sunshine.

All of the steam locomotives which have previously operated on the SchBB are now back in service. The latest to return to service were SLM 0-4-0T MOLLY and PKP 0-6-0 Ty3-194 SEQUOIA earlier this year, SEQUOIA receiving the boiler from SLM 0-4-0T RUPPERSWIL (3835/1944, a sister to MOLLY) which was scrapped in 2007. Today three locomotives were in use: DR Waldeisenbahn Muskau (WEM) Brigadelok 99 3311, which has retained its DR look after its visit to the WEM earlier this year, MOLLY, which is now painted SBB-green, and SEQUOIA, which is now blue.

Also in use in one of the consists was DR WEM flat car 03-052, which has been restored and will be turned into a coal wagon. It used to be dismantled and stored on site together with 03-009, which has also been reassembled but not yet restored. Deutz Diesel AZALEA has been fitted with a snowplow to ensure winter operations.

The next steam locomotive to be restored will be LUKAS (OK 7479/1918), maybe starting this winter, so newly-arrived MFU 0-4-0T No. 4 ANTRACITA (Jung 1032/1906) will have to wait for its turn.

October 2016 update

Martin Haywood reports that Lukas is complete and was running by August 2016. See the following links:

May 2015 news:

When O&K 0-4-0WT 7479/1918 LUKAS was acquired in 2001, it was decided that given its poor condition it would not be restored. It had been in storage at Schinznach since 1996. Before that, from 1969 to 1996 it was at Lüsslingen station, where the station master occasionally used her until 1985 on a short length of track parallel to the SBB main line. In 1996, that had to be cleared to make way for a motorway.

With no more locos to restore, it was however decided to restore her in 2014. Instead of restoring her in original condition just to have one more O&K 0-4-0WT, of which there must already be hundreds around, someone came up with the idea to instead convert her into a tram loco, an idea which was adopted by membership. For that the frame had to be extended, there are some photos on (April 21st 2015). It appears that it will be possible to reuse the old boiler and they hope to have the rebuilt loco in service by 2016.

The bad news from Schinznach on the other hand is that Henschel 0-4-0T 23672/1937 PINUS will be taken out of service this year as it needs a retube. Since it started working on the SchBB in 1977 it has never undergone a full overhaul. No work has been scheduled on her so far, but the wish is to have her back in service by 2018 for the SchBB’s 40 anniversary. She is still scheduled to work on June 27th/28th 2015.

These are the three working locomotives:

In addition to the 'normal' smaller locomotives, the railway owns a the South African NG/G13 Garratt:

A Diema, two more steam locomotives and the Deutz with a snow plough:


The Brigadlok:

Being a gala, anything goes...

It is a garden centre after all (None of ours in the UK has this feature, RD)

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