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Östra Södermanlands Järnväg (ÖSlJ), the East Södermanland Railway, 2006

This page originally contained James Waite's report of a 2006 visit to this 600 mm gauge line which runs for a distance of 3.2 km between Läggesta Nedre and Mariefred. He revisited in 2009 and as a result the notes have been considerably revised and updated. What remains below are the 'action' pictures from that visit:

This is No. 4 “K.M. Nelsson” leaving Mariefred. The building on the left is the original 1895 standard gauge engine shed and now houses the main works.

The next series of pictures show 8 (see below) at work:

Waiting to leave Mariefred station with the last train of the day to Läggesta. 

Near Marielund station with a train bound for Läggesta.

On the outskirts of Mariefred, passing Gripsholm Castle.

Waiting to leave Läggesta station

Rob Dickinson