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The Railways of Surinam, 2014 - Suriname Postboot

Thomas Kautzor has been to several Caribbean islands to check out what is left of their railways and industrial heritage.

For the full general index, see Railway Relics (and more) in the Caribbean,

He reports on his visit with Torsten Schneider to Surinam (Suriname), 9th - 22nd September 2014.

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The Surinamese Shipping Co. SMS still operates a postal steamboat , the MARATAKKA II, on the Commewijne Route up the Suriname and Commewijne rivers every Friday and Sunday, departing the SMS Pier in Paramaribo at 07.30 and returning at 16.30. Almost no mail is carried nowadays, and passengers are almost exclusively tourists, but if there is a need to transport anything, it is still a possibility. On the way the boat calls at Rust-en-Werk *, Margaretha *, Kronenburg *, Nieuw Grond *, and Alliance, ending at Bakkie (* are mail stops only). Cost is SR$ 35/23.75 (adult/child) for Surinamese and residents and SR$ 70/54 for non-Surinamese non-residents. The photograph was taken at the SMS Pier on the morning of Sunday, 21st September 2014.

On the 1st Monday of the month the boat also operates the Wayambo Route along the Suriname, Coppename and Wayambo rivers, departing at 07.30. On the way the boat stops at Boskamp and Corneliskondre, and ends at Donderkamp, unless there is mail for Brometville. Cost is SR$ 110/82.50 for Surinamese and residents and SR$ 176/132 for non-Surinamese non-residents.

On other days the post boat can booked for charters, as can one of two larger barges strangely also named MARATAKKA II and which is used mainly as a party boat (the other, the MATAPICA, was under repair). The SMS no longer operates any ocean-going vessels.

Bookings are handled by Pristine Forest Cruise, Waterkant 44, tel. 479061 / 410281, open Mo-Fr 07.00-17.00.

Rob Dickinson