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Narrow Gauge Steam in Romania, 2015

Bertram Frenzel writes about good news from Romania.

More and more narrow gauge steam locomotives are back in service. For instance after a long time a steam train with 764.243 will be working over the weekend 26th27th September 2015 between Cornatel und Hosman. This is a part of the former narrow gauge state rail from Sibiu to Sighisoara (ex T 204), watch out for further runs here.

Only the industrial lines Lonea - Petrila (near Petrosani, gauge: 790 mm, the other lines in Romania have 760 mm), Govora - Bistrica and Fieni - Pucheni have regular freight traffic. There are working diesel engines type L45H (B-B, FAUR 1966 - 1986).

On the industrial line Brad - Criscior a tourist train with steam runs on some days (info: . You can also charter an authentic steam train with Resita loco "Criscior 5" and five freight wagons. In Criscior from the workshop of CFI Brad. The company has the following steam locomotives in service:

Criscior 5 (0-8-0, Resita 1957)
762.209 (0-4-0, Krauss 1917, ex Austria)
764.243 (0-8-0, Budapest 1911)
764.404 R (0-8-0, Reghin 1984)
764.431 (0-8-0, Resita 1957)
100.13 (0-4-0, WLF 1947, ex Austria)

Not all locomotives are in Criscior. The engines are also running with tourist trains on the forest lines Moldovita, Covasna and Comandau and between Abrud and Campeni (ex T 309). The timetable of these lines you can find on the homepage from CFI Brad ( If you want, you can charter authentic forest trains for photographing and filming in Moldovita, Covasna and Comandau (contact:

On the forest line in Viseu de Sus (info: there is only tourist traffic between Viseu de Sus and Paltin. The following 0-8-0 tank locomotives are in service:

764.211 (Orenstein & Koppel 1911)
764.421 (Resita 1954)
764.435 (Resita 1954)
764.449 (Resita 1956)
764.408 (Reghin 1985)

The regular trains on this line are working with diesel engines class 87 (ex CFR, typ L45H). From Monday to Saturday usually two trains are running. The first train goes to Coman on the end of the main line. The second train leaves only to the loading points in the lower part of the valley. A third L45H is shunting in Viseu de Sus. One of the small L18H (C, FAUR 1984 - 1986) runs on the branch to Stevioara. In case you pay, then timber trains with steam are going to run. In the main season this is mostly impossible, there is too much tourist traffic. On some days five tourist trains to Paltin are starting in the morning from Viseu de Sus 

Three former state rail narrow gauge 0-8-0 tender locomotives are also serviceable. Between Sovata and Campu Cetatii (ex T 407, info: runs 764.052 (Chrzanow 1949). Only on some days, not often, 764.053 (Chrzanow 1949) is working between Raciu and Teaca (ex T 408, info: This is also a part of the former narrow gauge system of Targu Mures. In Targu Mures you can find 764.205.

If you want to see authentic looking steam trains, you can manage this by yourself or go with a group. If you choose an organised tour, then book early, check the various tour operators' sites.



Rob Dickinson