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Narrow Gauge Steam in Poland, 2012

James Waite writes:

I have done a little digging on the internet about what Polish narrow gauge lines currently use steam. The result was pleasantly fruitful with quite a number of locos in use. The key to this is at, a site that's kept well up-to-date and also has links to the websites for each of the lines. Another useful source of info is the Behind the Water Tower site ( which covers all aspects of Polish railways but has a lot of posts about the narrow gauge.


The line runs steam trains every Sunday between 10th June and 12th August, also 26th August, the timetable being:-

Środa Wlkp. Miasto 10:00 17:00
Środa Wlkp. Wąsk.  10:03 16:57
Słupia Wielka   10:26 16:34 
Annopole  10:30 16:30
Płaczki  10:36 16:24
Śnieciska  10:42 16:18
Polwica   10:51 11:40 11:45 16:09
Zaniemyśl   11:00 11:30 11:55 16:00

The working loco is Px48-1756 which currently faces south, i.e., it runs chimney-first from Środa to Zaniemyśl. The line has at least two of the traditional Polish-built Pafawag coaches painted dark green which look very good, but there are also some garishly-painted open coaches!

Click here for more information and a photo report of April 2008 and 2012 charters.


This line has Px48-1919 which is rumoured to be in its last year of operation before needing an overhaul for which the funding is uncertain. Normally the line runs diesel-hauled tourist trains in the summer but currently there's no agreement between the local authority and the operating company for regular trains this year so things are uncertain. There have been a number of photo charters there over the past few months which still seem to be operating OK. I went on Bernd Seiler's one late in April (and also at Znin and Środa). There doesn't seem to be any freight traffic now and it's said to have come to an end after objections by local residents in the towns and villages along the line, most of whose homes were built long after the railway first opened!

Click here for more information and a photo report of a April 2012 charter.

Nowy Dwór Gdański

This T shaped line (their website has a map) has regular steam trains, which will be running every Saturday and Sunday between 30th June and 26th August with Px48-1907. The timetable is:-

James Waite advises that this advertised service has now been cancelled (3rd August 2012)


Steam Steam Steam
Nowy Dwór Gdański 08:00 09:40  18:10 
Prawy Brzeg Wisły 12:25 15:25
Jantar 12:45 15:45
Jantar Młyn (arr.) 12:53 15:53
Jantar Młyn (dep.) 13:08 16:08 18:50
Stegna Gdańska (arr.) 08:40 10:25 13:23 16:23
Stegna Gdańska (dep.) 10:30 13:24 16:24
Sztutowo 10:44 13:38 16:38


Steam Steam Steam
Sztutowo 11:05 14:05 16:50
Stegna Gdańska (arr.) 11:25 14:25 17:10
Stegna Gdańska (dep.) 08:48 11:26 14:26 17:15 19:00
Jantar 11:50 14:50
Prawy Brzeg Wisły 12:10 15:10
Nowy Dwór Gdański  09:28 18:00 19:40

Gryfice has recently acquired a second metre gauge Px48 which has returned to Poland after spending many years in Germany. The line was closed last year for track renewal and it's still closed now though the work should be finished later this summer. Elk, Znin and Cisna have working locos which run on special occasions only, their summer tourist trains being mostly diesel-worked. The Elk line's management is very helpful and answer enquiries about forthcoming steaming dates promptly and fully.

The Sochaczew ng museum's working steam loco, a Px-29, is currently out of action so they are only running diesel trains on their line this summer.

Rob Dickinson