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Steam on the Narrow Gauge, Norway, 2013

Chris Yapp writes:

The Setesdalsbanen

This is intended to provide a more up-to-date picture of operations on the 3ft 6in gauge Setesdalsbanen to complement the comprehensive information compiled by James Waite after his visit in 2008. The line is now fully operational again after the breaks in service in recent years and the annual safety inspection was successfully completed early in July this year.

During a visit on 2nd August when charter trains were operated in the morning and afternoon, the working locomotive was No. 6 2-4-2T (Thunes works no. 7). The three other steam locomotives were seen at Grovane: 
No. 1 Dubs 3172 2-6-2T was pulled out of the shed for photographs.
No. 2 Dubs 3173 2-6-2T – the boiler was elsewhere for repair.
No. 5 2-6-2T (Thunes works no. 4) – at the back of the shed awaiting restoration.

In 2013 the public service is operating on Sundays only from 6 June to 1 September and consists of three return trips between Grovane and Røyknes. The mid-week evening trains in July no longer operate. In past times, the railway’s web site listed the dates when extra services would be operated, mainly for passengers of cruise liners calling at Kristiansand, but that information is no longer readily accessible on-line.

The line runs well away from the main road network but there is a dirt road connecting Grovane and Røyknes. The train ride is very interesting. The line climbs on a steep grade to the dam at Beihølen with the loco working hard and with good views of the river gorge and a long log flume with several suspension bridges used to carry timber down from the lake behind the dam. Beyond Beihølen, the line to Røyknes is relatively flat and there are views across the lake for most of the way.

This is 1 at Grovane

This is 6 at Grovane

This is 6 near Grovane

This is 6 at Beihølen:

The Urskog-Hølandsbanen Railway or ‘Tertitten’

This is intended to provide a little more up-to-date information on the current operation of the Urskog-Hølandsbanen Railway to complement the excellent reports by James Waite of his visits in 2007 and 2010.

My visit took place on Sunday 4th August, a normal operating day with an additional charter taking place after the end of public service. In 2013 the main season public timetable still consists of four return trips from Sørumsand to Fossum, in 2013 running on Sundays from 16th June to 8th September.

The working locomotive was No. 4 Setskogen Hartmann 3356 2-6-2T. No. 7 Prydz Henschel 28463 2-6-2T was also in working order and was hauled out of the shed for photography at the end of the day. LocomotiveNo. 6 Holand Hartmann 4658 2-6-2T was inside the shed on blocks with its wheelsets removed.

This is 7 at Sørumsand:

This is 4 at Setskogen, Sørumsand:

This is 7 at near Fossum, Sørumsand:

Norsk Jernbane Museum, Hamar

See also James Waite's 2008 report.

No. 2 Urskog Hartmann 2102 0-6-0T was working the hourly passenger shuttle on the short 750mm gauge line linking the two ends of the site. The exhibits in the main museum building included two standard gauge steam locos - 16 RS1406 Class 2a 2-4-0 and 25 MW576 0-4-0ST.
A walk through the site took us to the Locomotive Hall where the exhibits included four more standard gauge steam locomotives:
234 Thunes 55 Class 27a 4-6-0
288 Hamar 101 Class 32a 2-6-2T
227 Hamar 60 Class 25a 0-6-0T
452 Hamar & Thunes 334 Class 31b 4-8-0

The last large building at the other end of the site housed standard gauge 470 Krupp 2152 Class 49c 2-8-4 in an un-photographable position and three steam locos of 3ft 6in gauge:
7 Thunes 1 Class XIII 4-4-0
21 Alf BP992 Class III 2-4-0T
Loke Hanomag 2411 0-4-0T


The Lommedalsbanen is an industrial railway museum with a short 600mm gauge running line of around one kilometre in length in the forest near Lommedalen which is about 10 kilometres from Sandvika on the main Oslo to Drammen road and an easy day trip from Oslo. It is not on the site of any previous railway.

The collection of rolling stock and equipment began to accumulate at private addresses during the 1970s. In 1978 the present site was made available by the landowners and the line opened to the public in 1987. A short extension to the present terminus was opened in 1991.

The line has two steam locomotives and nine assorted industrial diesels. Bjørkaasen O&K 1363 0-4-0T of 1904 is the normal operating engine (see below). There is also a ‘Brigadelok’, Henschel 14255 0-8-0T of 1916 that was acquired by a member in 1992 that is not serviceable.

The main operating season is on Sundays only from the beginning of June to the end of September.

Rob Dickinson