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Train Technology Conference, Quebec, April 2008

On April 22-23 2008 a conference about train technology will be held in Québec City by the train group

A paper on Quasiturbine Steam Locomotive will be presented, which is available (in French) at :

This paper is based on research work and several papers done by our friend Harry Valentine:

1) The Steam-Powered Quasiturbine in Direct-Drive Railway Locomotive Propulsion 

2) The Possibility of a Stirling-Hydraulic Quasiturbine Locomotive -

3) A Thermo-Pneumatic Quasiturbine Locomotive - With addendum on subway operation - 

4) Modernising the Fireless Steam Accumulator Locomotive 
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

5) Developing a PCM (Phase-Change Material) Thermal Rechargeable Quasiturbine Railway Locomotive - 

6) Researching a GPCS-Accumulator Steam Locomotive - The hybrid-accumulator steam locomotive 

7) Researching a Heat-Pumped Condensing Steam Locomotive - 

8) Researching an Air-Steam Combined-cycle Locomotive - 

Le retour des locomotives à vapeur
grâce au moteur Quasiturbine (*)

Jean Rémillard,
président de l'APUQ


To learn more about the Quasiturbine - Check these vidéos

 « Le moteur de l'avenir : La Quasiturbine »
Vidéo de 10 minutes avec la contribution de Jean Rémillard
et la maquette de Pierre Cormier de l'APUQ
87 mo sur YouTube 
Une réalisation de Germain Bataille

Vidéos Quasiturbine regroupés
sur vidéo YouTube

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