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New CFM Railway Museum in Maputo

John Middleton was in Maputo in April 2010 and reports:

"The station here always seems neat and clean but a pleasant surprise found on Sunday 18 April 2010 was the construction of a CFM Railway Museum, although this has not yet opened. The museum is being created on the four bay platform tracks at the west end of the station, all four tracks are under the overall roof with the inner two within a building. Various hoardings have been erected describing the work and the overall impression is of a well thought out project. So far the only large exhibits are three magnificently restored teak bodied coaches and a van. Staff at the station indicated that locomotives would also be included and this probably now explains why Henschel Garratt 972 was brought down from Gondola to Maputo. Standing outside the museum was a complete Hitachi railcar and possibly this is an intended exhibit as the descriptions talk about CFM up to the present day. It is to be hoped that CFM put the effort into rescuing the Mallets at Moatize so that at least one could be preserved in the museum."

Rob Dickinson