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For more information on Mallet steam locomotives, please visit my article on articulated steam locomotives.

(Since this page was written some years ago, unfortunately, all Mallets have ceased regular operation, one Semboro Mallet occasionally works trains for visitors. Up until 2009 that is when a Mallet was transferred to Merican and worked in 2009/10.)

Jung Jatibarang 9 gets a top up to the tank.

Working Mallets are an endangered species in the 90s and most of them are to be found in the sugar mills of Java. These semi-articulated 0-4-4-0T are all the classic compound locos with high pressure cylinders to the rear exhausting into forward low pressure cylinders.

OK Pakis 5, (one of?) the oldest working Mallets in the world, 1996

Although in Java they were rapidly superseded by the simpler 0-8-0T with Klien-Lindner (hollow) axles, many still survive in service today, examples built by Orenstein and Koppel, Du Croo and Brauns and Jung being found at work in 1996. However, with the exception of Pakis 5 and those at Pesantren none has a very secure mid-term future and the future looks bleak.

DB Ketanggungan 5 on empties near Luwung Gajah

Today the best place in the world to see a working Mallet is Pesantren Baru Sugar Mill near Kediri in East Java.

One of the last Mallets, Pesantren 217

If you like one, how about 2 at work in 2001

The best things come in pairs...

In 2001, Semboro returned one of its small 60HP OK Mallets to action:

Sragi 15 in 2001

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