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Luttermöller 10 wheelers

For more information on Luttermöller steam locomotives, please visit my article on articulated steam locomotives.

(Since this page was written some years ago, unfortunately, several of these locos have been placed in store and are unlikely to work again. However, one of them remained at work in 2010.)

Like all narrow gauge systems, Java's sugar mill railways abound with tight curves. As larger locos were needed, inevitably wheel bases grew and some kind of articulation became necessary. Most sugar locos are 0-8-0T with Klien-Lindner (hollow) axles and there are a number of 0-4-4-0T Mallets. However, the kings of the road are the Luttermöller 0-10-0s, named after Orenstein and Koppel's chief engineer of the time. At least one well known writer identified them as 2-6-2s since only the middle three axles are coupled conventionally. Internal gearing connects the end axles which allows for extra play. This gearing is particularly apparent when the inside frame locos slip, the end wheels moving as if by magic.

Pagottan 6

Rejosari and Pagottan mills (both 700mm) have both variants, Rejosari 12 unusually being the only Henschel of this type in Java.

Rejosari 12

Other mills which have active examples of this kind of loco are Tasik Madu (750mm) and Gempolkerep (700mm) one of which is seen below, although since this page was prepared it was retired in 2008.

Lutter 4

Undoubtedly, 150HP Tasik Madu VI with its huge 12 wheel tender is the most impressive sugar loco in the whole of Java.

Pride of Tasik Madu, Luttermoller VI in 2000

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