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Cable Railways at Tipong Colliery, India, 2008

These pictures are all 'stills' from our DVD 'Black Diamond Express which covers the entire operation at Tipong Colliery in Assam, of course for most people, the focus of attention are the three 610mm (2') gauge steam locomotives.

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There are four cable operated sections, the first two are on the south bank, the other two on the north bank of the river which runs through the mining area. This is the main adit and its winder:

During our visit no coal was coming out of this adit, just scrap material, it is possible that it is joined to the same underground system served by the winder seen above. Unlike the others this one uses a double cable which can be seen running on the supports beside the track:

On the north bank of the river, the opencast mine has a small winder perched way above the incline out of sight above, in this case there is a security 'gate' in the event of a runaway and the train has to be halted before the barrier can be raised:

On the north bank, the winder cable has to cross the line to the opencast mine (above). When a train needs to pass, the cable is placed into gaps in the track and then replaced after it passes:


Rob Dickinson