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Preserved Steam in India 2004

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Thanks for what is contained here are primarily due to Ashwani Lohani, the moving force behind the Indian Steam Railway Society

I was invited to attend the second national conference of the ISRS in New Delhi on 14th February and arrived early  which allowed me to visit the National Railway Museum for a special steaming of the PSMT monorail. It normally runs on Sunday afternoons but I have never managed to see it in steam before. This 1907 Orenstein and Koppel is an absolute gem and it was great privilege to drive it a couple of times round the oval:

The day after the conference there was an 'open day' at Rewari Loco Shed which has been designated a heritage centre for the maintenance and operation of steam locomotives. This is the scene which greeted visitors:

There were a number of distinguished visitors including a senior official from railways headquarters:


and a lady engine driver from Beijing:

5 Locos were in steam, YG 4232, WL 15005, WPs 7015, 7161 and 7200. The scenes were reminiscent of scenes at similar places in the UK about 35 years ago with children and adults enjoying a nostalgic opportunity to view the locos at close quarters, take a short trip or even a cab ride. This was the the back of the shed:


Later in the afternoon, by serendipitous chance, Fairy Queen was returning from Alwar to Delhi in the afternoon and a number of conference delegates were able to travel behind it and enjoy the excellent on-board service. This 1855 ex-East India Railways 2-2-2 is the oldest serviceable steam locomotive in the world and bowled along at good speed through the open countryside, regular servicing stops allowing ample opportunity for photography:

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson