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Deutsches Feld- und Kleinbahnmuseum. April 2015

Thomas Kautzor visited this museum railway on 6th April 2015. He reports

On Easter Monday I was at the 600mm gauge ‘Deutsches Feld- und Kleinbahnmuseum e.V.’ (DFKM, in Deinste, south of Stade (Niedersachsen). The DFKM was founded in 1967 and is one of Germany’s oldest narrow gauge museum railways and the only one with an operational steam locomotive near Hamburg. The 1.2 km line starts at the former DB and now EVB railway station (which is served by the Moorexpress which seasonally connects Stade with Bremen using vintage railcars,, where there are two large sheds to house the collection, and ends in Lütjenkamp, where there is a small museum with a home-built electric loco from the sand- and clay works in Dörentrup on display. The line has been extended a further 0.8 km from there, but they are still waiting for a permit to build a new terminal station.

Steam locomotive No. 1 (Henschel “Monta” type No. 20925/1927, 60 PS, 10 tonnes), which was obtained from a private collector and used to work for the Terwindt & Arntz at Steenfabriek (brickworks) De Ooy in Erlecom (NL), only operates on special occasions (12 days in 2015, see website). There is a large collection of diesel locomotives, with most having previously worked for building contractors and peat railways in northern Germany. Also of interest are the three Heeresfeldbahn ambulance coaches (HAWA 1919) retrieved from Glasmoor prison railway in Hamburg, as well as two ex-MPSB covered bogie wagons which could also be used in passenger service.

Rob Dickinson