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The Frankfurter Feldbahn Museum, 2012

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Chris Yapp reports on his 2012 visit.

I visited the Frankfurt Feldbahn Museum for their Feldbahnfest on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June. I was made very welcome and was given a tour of the workshop, the exhibition shed and the large Gunter H. Kohler storage shed. I learned that most of the steam locos are owned by individuals and not by the museum which locos work on which days depends on the availability of the owners, although the museum is short of certified drivers.

The same three locomotives were in steam on both days. On the Saturday No. 1 Besigheim Heilbronn 393 0-4-0T worked all day, No. 5 Jung 3295 0-4-0T entered service around 2pm and was joined by No. 2 Fabian Henschel 20517 0-4-0T with the second set of passenger rolling stock around 3pm. On the Sunday all three locos were in service for the whole day. There was a steam-hauled train of skip wagons at the end of the days operations on the Saturday. On the Sunday morning the operation in convoy of a steam-hauled passenger train and a diesel-hauled skip train enabled steam run pasts with the skip wagons at both outer run-round loops.

No. 13 0-4-4-0T (OK 3902 Gending No. 4) was serviceable inside the depot where one of the Indian Jung 0-6-0T was undergoing restoration (a notice attached to the loco stated that it was works no. 10115) and Luttermoller No. 16 OK 11073 0-10-0T was dismantled.

In the exhibition shed on the west side of the line were No. 7 0-6-0T (Decauville 1593 (serviceable)), No. 4 0-4-0T (OK 2053 complete but Im not certain if serviceable), No. 3 Dimitrias Decauville 648 0-4-0T (restoration almost complete), No. 8 / 99.3313  0-8-0T (Borsig 8836 serviceable) and No. 14 Jacobi 0-6-0T+T (Jung 989 serviceable). The Gunter H. Kohler Halle was crowded with rolling stock including three more steam locos, several diesels and numerous wagons, almost all awaiting restoration.

No.1 Besigheim Heilbronn 393

No. 2 Fabian Henschel 20527

No. 5 Jung 3295

Rob Dickinson