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Chemin de Fer Chanteraines, June 2017

Thomas Kautzor paid a flying visit to the line on 8th September 2013 which needs to be read in conjunction with what follows..

On 6th June 2017, I stopped at the C.F. des Chanteraines in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (CFC, 93), where 0-4-0T N-03 VINCENT (Decauville 5.5t 879/1914) was being repainted at the end of its overhaul, which started in 09/2014. It will be put back into service later this summer following a visit by the boiler inspector, which will give the railway four operational steam locos. The other three are:

0-6-0T N-06 (Decauville 8t 1770/1920);

0-4-0T N-18 LA BOUILLOTTE (Decauville 5.5t 869/1914);

0-6-0T N-19 (O&K 50hp 7429/1914, boiler from O&K 0-4-0T 40hp 5729/1913).

This leaves another two steam locos:

0-4-0T N-13 TABAMAR (Borsig 8069/1911) has been out of service since 2015 and needs a new boiler; 

0-4-0T N-12 BERTHA (O&K 40hp 1627/1905), is owned by the Departement of Seine-Saint-Denis, which has recently agreed to pay for its retube (estimated at EUR 12,000).

The ex-War Departement Alco 2-6-2T at Tacot des Lacs (TdL, 77), obtained from Froissy a few years ago, is currently under overhaul as well, with its boiler also at Israel Newton in the U.K.

This is the railway's Plymouth diesel.

This is their Socofer diesel.


Rob Dickinson