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Musee de Tramways a Vapeur et des Chemin de Fer Secondaires Francais, (MTVS) 2017/8

Thomas Kautzor writes briefly of his visit to this French narrow gauge railway on 4th June 2017 - the current website is It updates his 2013 report.

Since this report was written, it seems that relocation of the operational side to near Crèvecoeur-le-Grand north of Beauvais has gone ahead. The website suggests that the museum is still at Butry-sur-Oise but only open to pre-booked groups of 20 or more. This is Thomas Kautzor's picture from 6th October 2018.

I paid a visit to the MTVS in Butry-sur-Oise, where recently-restored Tramways de la Sarthe (TS) 0-6-0Tm 60 was in use (it has been back in service since April). CP (ex-Val do Vouga) 2-6-0T E96 is currently under overhaul, with the boiler with Israel Newton in the U.K. TIV 0-6-0T 75 is also operational. The other ex-TS 0-6-0Tm is OOU next to the workshops. CdN 0-6-0T 36 LULU was taken to the new MTVS line at Crèvecoeur near Beauvais in April, where it has operated a few times since.

The subject of the pictures should mainly be self evident from the above notes.

Rob Dickinson