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The Abreschviller Forestry Railway, France, 2014

Thomas Kautzor provided an account of this railway based on his earlier visits. This photo report updates it.

In the report he says that there was to be a celebration in August for Jung No. 4 (10120/1944); sadly when tested before the event its regulator was found to be defective and instead it was on display outside the shed:


The Gmeinder too had its problems as it couldn't be got out of first gear and was restricted to the yard:


Both on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th July and next morning, I revisited the Abreschviller Forestry Railway. A 70 year celebration will be held August 15-17 for both 0-6-0 No. 4 (Jung HF110C No. 10120/1944, ex StLB) and the Gmeinder HF50B (which according to the Gmeinder builders list was in fact built in 1945). Both No. 1 and No. 4 will be in use on the line those days.

The long-closed SNCF line to Abreschviller has now been converted into a bike path.

On Tuesday afternoon, 0-4+4-0T No. 1 (MG Heilbronn No. 476/1907, 100 PS) was the operating loco.

0-6-0DH No. 3 (COFERNA MR100.L33.12T No. 27517/1953) was operating the Wednesday morning train;

Long-suffering 750 mm gauge OK 30 PS 0-4-0WT No. 4720/1911 (ex-Carrières de Vaujours près de Serain), formerly on display at Grand Soldat, has been moved to Abreschviller as it was deteriorating at the end-of-line;

Railcar No. 5 (home-built 1936 with Hotchkiss engine) was well illuminated:

Motor inspection trolley No. 11 (converted from a 1925 Renault NN automobile);

4wDM No. 6 MIQUETTE (Deutz A2L514 F No. 56421/1956, 1996 ex Aktienziegelei Bayreuth) has been repainted in light grey;

0-6-0T No. 2 (Decauville No. 1835/1927) is now out-of-use, awaiting an overhaul;

4wDM (Gmeinder HF50B No. 4252/1945, 1985 ex Erste Bayrische Basaltstein-Industrie AG, Werk Steinmühle bei Waldsassen).

Rob Dickinson