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Musee de Tramways a Vapeur et des Chemin de Fer Secondaires Francais, (MTVS) 2013

Thomas Kautzor writes briefly of his visit to this French narrow gauge railway on 1st August 2013 - the current website is See also his October 2018 update.

Since this report was written, it seems that relocation of the operational side to near Crèvecoeur-le-Grand north of Beauvaisis has gone ahead. The website suggests that the museum is still at Butry-sur-Oise but only open to pre-booked groups of 20 or more.

Due to a landslide the MTVS line has been reduced to just 0.5 km. A solution to MTVS' problems has been found recently, which will see them move 80 km north of Butry to Crèvecoeur-le-Grand (22 km north of Beauvais, with its airport serviced by Ryanair), where a 12 km long line to St-Omer-en-Chaussée will be relaid in metre gauge on a section of trackbed of a long-closed SNCF standard gauge line.

Sadly, on open days the other operational locos are normally kept locked inside the depot, with only the locos in the museum on public view, so the best time to visit is probably the steam festival on the 1st weekend of October.

We found TIV 0-6-0T 75 (CL 1234/1909 ) raising steam next to the shed. After lunch we returned to find three steam locos on display inside the museum building: VFIL Oise 1-6-0T 13 (SACM 7381/24), CP 2-6-0T E96 (Decauville 5755/1913) and TMB 0-4-0RT 4 (SLM 1991/1910), plus CF du Doubs Diesel 103 (CFD Montmirail C103C/1949, wrongly numbered for a long time as 103 which was in fact sold to Guadeloupe, it is in the process of taking on its correct number 101).

The two unrestored steam locomotives (TS 0-6-0Tm 16 (BM 19/1887) and Frot 0-4-0T 26 (CL 1673/1927), together with Réseau Breton railcar X 232 (Decauville DXW 1940, built for the Yunnan railway in China), are still stored outside in the yard, but at least covered in protective paint. The other operational locos (CF Cotes du Nord 36 and Tramway de la Sarthe 60) and under rebuild Brown 0-4-0T No. 2 were not seen and probably locked away in the shed.

Between the 1st and 2nd trains, TIV 75 was used to shunt PCL electric coach No. 2, which is under restoration, around with CdN De Dion railcar No. 11.

Tramways d'Ille et Vilaine 75 on its short run and shunting:

dN De Dion railcar No. 11

VFIL Oise 1-6-0T 13 

CP (Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses) 2-6-0T E96

TMB (Tramway de Mont Blanc) 0-4-0RT 4

CF du Doubs Diesel

Réseau Breton railcar X 232

Tramway de la Sarthe 0-6-0Tm 16 

Enterprise Paul Frot 0-4-0T 26

Rob Dickinson